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Esmé is a designer, illustrator and creative strategist currently based on the South Coast. 

An ambitious and empathetic 24 year old, who has an energy and aspiration to understand how to develop the world to be better utilised for human kind and those who we share it with.


A never ending curious nature, question asker and problem solver; fuelled by podcasts, books and people. Business minded and interested in macro economics, world finance and everything creative.

Grew up in Italy surrounded by food, family and wine. An opacarophile and weekend adventurer. Drawn to thriving environments and enjoys the hustle nature. Can usually be found in wine bars, art galleries or in the kitchen*.


*(Normally in flip flops.)

'I have always been visual and learnt through experience. My A levels comprised of Art, Economics, Physics and Maths; in my view the foundations to graphic design which I then studied at University.


My design skills and ideas-led nature have since led me down a path of business ventures, freelance, start-ups, London design agencies, and a Creative Director position. My appreciation lies within the application of tactful creativity expanding across any form of design fuelled by strategic influence.' 


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2019 - Creative Conscience award
2019 -  Dragon Rouge, Firestarters competition runners up

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Enough about me... here are a few of my favourite podcast channels and a few episodes (thank me later).


The Diary of a CEO 

Ep.120 James Smith

Ep.116 Fearne Cotton

Ep. 81 Ben Fogle

Ep. 86 Tom Bloomfield

Ep. 68 Ben Williams

Ep. 24 Tom Bilyeu

Social Minds
Ep.131 Being Top Dog:

BrewDog uses social first

trends to inspire new products

The Future with Chris Do

Ep.128 How to become a Creative Director – Adam Morgan

Ep. 138 What is a Brand? – With Dr. Christine Looser

Happy Place
David Katz


‘We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” - Steve Jobs

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