Grounded Kitchen //

Grounded Kitchen prepares delicious Korean inspired nutrient rich nourish bowls, organic Japanese teas, freshly prepared quenchers and smoothie bowls.

client //

Grounded Kitchen

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Food & Beverage

role //

Creative Director

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Visual Identity

Verbal Identity
Brand strategy

The Challenge: 

To create a strong identity for a Korean food franchise in its infancy, (1 year old QSR), undergoing an aggressive expansion plan. 

Develop brand partnerships and build relationships with partners to drive brand direction and influence investment in marketing. Understand the commercial aims of the business, implement  creative/marketing strategies and KPI’s to support these; including monthly marketing meetings with Deliveroo. 

Lead stakeholder and Director meetings, creating and developing decks with regards to new strategy implementations and selling the brand to future business owners.

Oversee all design works and the creative team including the store design projects; working along side the lead architect to build a future GK store experience. 

The Brand: 

Not just a healthy Korean inspired kitchen, but one which integrates into the local community with art and culture at its core. Making friends before clients is a key foundation to our brand, echoing Korean culture.


With Urban and city life surrounding each GK, a home from home environment on every street corner is the main mission. Grounded Kitchen aims to inspire a healthier way of eating, through infusing flavours into fresh produce and marinated/baked meats whilst reminding individuals to stay grounded through their day to day life. Time for you is just as important as giving your time to anyone else. 

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Korean inspired imagination creates heartfelt recipes, the GK staple being nourish bowls. At GK even though we bowled over our audiences with our nourish bowls, It is important to portray our key values to our customers for them to want to join the GK family, understanding more of who we are. We translate this through humour, honesty and brand transparency. Sharing stories about our staff, new store builds and giving names to faces, all whilst also sharing the knowledge we have to give about our fresh produce and ingredients.


The main aim to inspire individuals to be more mindful and imaginative over what they were eat. Staying informed over different ingredients, in turn planting the curious seeds with regards to other foods. As we made B2B partnerships with gyms, nutritionists, famous athletes and chefs, this part of our platform is growing and becoming a reliable source of information.

Every store is built in line with our values, a key one being 80% GK and 20% the local community. Each GK ‘hub’ we integrate into a new area reflects the personality of the area itself; enforcing that home from home environment. This allowed for each GK to be recognisable yet have its own quirks by taking inspiration from the local areas. Contacting local businesses and suppliers for unique materials echoed the individuality to each GK. 

With experience at our core and supporting our local communities our passion, GK is always full of conversation and energy. Our openings involved inviting individuals of influence and with a large following to come down with friends and family to build their own bowls. Giving them the opportunity to learn about our ingredients and the preparation process whilst connecting with our staff and product.


Our stripped back brand guidelines, simple colour palette and illustrative expressions allow for us to be immersed in the world of art. Hoardings and other marketing material are dipped into different illustration styles. We are always looking for opportunities to give to others; our next hoarding to be all white with local art school animations projected onto our new stores doors.