Made By Bella

Made By Bella is a brand which provides an authentic and bespoke corset service, allowing each piece to be entirely unique, personable, and be worn with both passion and pride.

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Made By Bella

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Art/Design Director

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Visual Identity

Verbal Identity
Brand strategy

The Challenge: 

To create a visual identity which expresses the contrast between the 21st Century fashion industry graphics/photography style and the 1930’s details and delicacy. 

The Brand
A brand fuelled by an ambition to empower women and for them to embody their sexuality. Corsets have been used as garments since the late 1500’s; used as an object of discomfort, oppression and commodification. They have been reclaimed by woman of today to signify empowerment. 

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Transparency, details and delicacy reflected through materials and the making process. Modern empowerment echoed through bold contemporary photography; showing the juxtaposition of corsetry in the 21st Century.