The SilaBox Project //

Introducing an initiative which brings local communities together by implementing a reuse and return system through a sustainable packaging product.

client //

Personal project with Co-Founder Emma Mckell 

year //

2019, revisited 2021

category //

Sustainable packaging

role //

Lead designer &


type of Work //

Product design

Visual Identity

Verbal Identity
Brand strategy


awards //

Creative conscience
Dragon Rouge; Firestarters competition runners up 

The Challenge: 

To reduce the negative environmental impacts of deforestation and global warming by tackling the mass production of takeaway packaging.

Our Values:





The Brand: 

At the core of SilaBox lies the inclusive nature of the project. This is reflected in our badge logo; representing team spirit. The brand carries a very modern and urban feel, ideal for city integration.


Our mascot and characters bring the brand to life; creating a longer lasting connection between other brands, consumers and our product. The hexagonal shape reflects the shape of SilaBoxes and showcases how we are all ‘a cog’ in a large system; keeping the SilaBox cycle going.

Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 13.30.30.png
Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 13.29.41.png

SilaBox is a product which we are looking to combine with Deliveroo. By supplying an eco-friendly alternative to takeaway packaging and integrating it within a takeaway delivery service, we are asking people to come together and help us change the way we live. 

Deliveroo SilaBox 1.png
Deliveroo SilaBox 2.png
Deliveroo SilaBox 3.png
User Deliveroo 1.png
User Deliveroo 2.png

You can subscribe to SilaBox on the Deliveroo website; meaning your food will arrive from the restaurant in our packaging which you can continue to utilise as a household commodity until returning to a return station.

Deliveroo pop up-01.jpg
Deliveroo pop up-02.jpg
Return Station.jpg

SilaBox return stations track each SilaBox from their barcodes and allow us to clean, collect and redistribute them to restaurants.

Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 13.40.09.png

2019 research

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